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How To Grow

Unsure of how to start growing a new plant? Looking for a refresher getting ready for the growing season? Interested in learning about growing a particular variety before you make a purchase? Check out our tips on How to Grow different types of plants linked below! (Links to these tips are also available on the product pages.) 




Marigold | Morning Glory | Nasturtium | Petunia | Sunflower | Sweet Peas | Zinnia



Bean | Beet | Broccoli | Cabbage | Cantaloupe & Honeydew Melons | Carrot | Cauliflower | Corn | Cucumber | Garlic   Lettuce | Onion | Peas | Peppers | Potato | Radish | Spinach | Squash | Swiss Chard | Tomato | Turnip | Watermelon | Zucchini