Spring into the garden

Happy Spring! Don’t let the cold stop you from getting ready to jump into the garden. Now is the time to think about what beautiful bulb flowers could brighten up your yard, or fruits to enjoy when its warm and sunny. Don’t panic though, it’s not too late to seed start yet. We’ll show you not only the best way to seed start but how to harden off seeds before bringing them in the garden. Can't wait to get into gardening mode? Check out our garden-themed shirts, hats, mugs and more to get into the swing of Spring.


Bulbs &

Seed Starting




Outdoors (after frost)

Asparagus, Endive, Leeks, Lettuce, Peas,
Spanish Onions, Spinach, Swiss Chard

Indoors (seed starting)

Ground Cherry, Cantaloupe,
Honey Dew, Watermelon

Bulbs & Roots for this spring

Brighten up your garden with some colorful Lily flower bulbs! Prefer to grow edible treats? We also have roots to grow your own asparagus, strawberries and much more!

aparagus drawing.png__PID:49a90339-c159-4d06-8cc5-8248ad102c1c

Asparagus Roots, Purple Passion Hybrid F1

strawberry drawing.png__PID:832ab215-adb9-446b-a4fb-19786b96c9d7

Strawberry Roots, Albion Everbearing

bulb drawing.png__PID:a90339c1-59fd-46cc-8582-48ad102c1c83

Calla Lily Bulbs, Pasja

MCK greenhouse product.png__PID:fd06ccc5-8248-4d10-ac1c-832ab215adb9

Seed Starting Tools & accessories

Start seeds like a pro with our greenhouse and heat mat! Help your seeds germinate faster and uniformly using a little heat while also giving them a nice cozy home to grow in.

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Good To Know: Hardening-Off YOUR SEEDLINGS

When your last frost date is approaching, your seedlings may be getting cramped indoors. Now is the time to take extra care of your seedlings to get them used to outdoor conditions and temperatures gradually. We have the tools and info you need to keep those seedlings happy!

What does Hardening Off your Plants even mean?

“Hardening-off” is the term for getting plants acclimated outdoors. It's the process of gradually (over 7-10 days) introducing young plants to the direct sunlight, wind, and cooler temperatures of the outdoors for a few hours each day. After the last front date in your area, it's time to harden-off your plants and permanently plant them outside.

Why is it important?

Your seedlings have been living a pretty charmed life indoors. They will need time to adjust to the sun, fluctuating temperatures, and wind. A gentle breeze helps stems grow stronger, but a stiff wind might break them! Hardening-off your seedlings gradually adapt to help prevent sun scorch, stem breakage, transplant shock, and seedling failure.

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