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Catgrass Seeds

Avena sativa
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Catgrass is the purrfect gift for your cat! Oats germinate quickly and cats will start playing and nibbling on them as soon as they sprout. It is perfect for cats who never go outside, they'll love it!

  • SKU: 140106
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Grow best in
Best In:
Full sun
Days to germination
Days to
5 to 15 days
Days to maturity
Days to
15 to 20 days
Best container size
Container Size:
Key Features Chevron Down Chevron Forward
  • Plant Type: Vegetable
  • Botanical Name: Avena sativa
  • Fill Weight (grams): 12
  • Approximate Seed Count: 300-350
  • Planting Method: Plant Indoors
  • Plant Lifecycle: Annual
  • Seed Type: Open Pollinated
  • Flavor: A fiber rich healthy snack for cats
Instructions Chevron Down Chevron Forward
    Growing Instructions:

    Fill a container with potting soil approximately 5 cm (2") from the top. Scatter seeds and press into the soil to ensure good contact and cover with 6 mm (1/4") of soil. After planting, water the seeds with a gentle mist. Cover the container with a clear plastic lid or plastic wrap. It is critical to keep the soil consistently moist, but not soggy, during germination. Place the container in a cool and dark place to help the seeds germinate. In 5 to 7 days you’ll be able to see the tiny seedlings sprouting. Remove the plastic wrap carefully and thin seedlings to 1.3 cm (1/2") apart. Place the container where it can receive some sun and indirect light, a windowsill is perfect for this. Keep soil slightly moist. Once the grass is 7-12 cm (3-5") tall it is ready for your pet to enjoy.

  • Planting Depth: 6 mm (1/4")

Suggestions Chevron Down Chevron Forward
Growing Suggestions:
  • This is a terrific way to bring the outdoors inside for your pet in the winter.

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