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Lettuce Seeds, Early Curled Simpson

Lactuca sativa
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Early Curled Simpson is a very popular leaf lettuce variety. Light green leaves grow large and compact. The leaves vary in shape, margin, and color to form a rosette. Leaf lettuce withstands hot weather better than other lettuce types.

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Grow best in
Best In:
Full sun|Partial sun
Days to germination
Days to
7 to 10 days
Water needs
Moist 2.5-5 cm (1-2") per week
Days to maturity
Days to
45 days
Best container size
Container Size:
Key Features Chevron Down Chevron Forward
  • Plant Type: Vegetable
  • Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa
  • Fill Weight (grams): 0.8
  • Approximate Seed Count: 725-775
  • Characteristics: loose leaf type
  • Planting Method: Sow Direct
  • Plant Lifecycle: Annual
  • Seed Type: Heirloom
  • Water Needs: Moist 2.5-5 cm (1-2") per week
  • Flavor: Tender & mild
  • Companion Planting: Plant near chives, onions, oregano, peas, radish, basil, zinnia. Chives, onions, and garlic can repel aphids and other pests by disguising the scent of the lettuce with their own aromatic properties. Basil is believed to enhance both the taste and development of lettuce. Radishes can serve as a useful decoy crop to attract flea beetles away from lettuce.
  • Preparation Ideas: A wonderful variety for use in salads or BLT sandwiches.
Instructions Chevron Down Chevron Forward
    Growing Instructions:

    Lettuce seeds should be sown directly into the garden when the soil is warm and all danger of frost is passed. Optimum soil temperature (not air temperature) should be 5-27°C (40-81°F) for seeds to germinate. Planting at a lower temperature will delay germination. Space seeds and plant to the depth indicated below. Press seeds into the soil to ensure good contact and cover with 1.3 cm (1/2") of soil. After planting, water seeds with a gentle mist or shower. It is critical to keep the soil consistently moist, but not soggy during germination. When your seedlings reach a height of a few centimetres (inches) and have developed 2 or 3 pairs of leaves, it is important to thin them out, according to the plant spacing indicated below. Thinnings can be used as baby greens. Do not allow the soil to become dry, as young plants have underdeveloped roots and can quickly dehydrate, particularly in windy conditions. Lettuce grows quickly and more seeds can be succession planted every 3 weeks until August for a continuous supply of lettuce.

    Click here to read more information on planning and planting a garden.

  • Planting Depth: 1.3 cm (1/2")
  • Plant Spacing: 20 cm (8")
  • Row Spacing: 45 cm (18")

  • Instructions for Nutrient Care: Feed plants SUPERthrive once per week. Mix 1.2 ml (1/4 tsp) per 4L (1 gallon) of water in a watering can and apply solution to the base of the plants.
Suggestions Chevron Down Chevron Forward
Growing Suggestions:
  • An excellent lettuce for cut-and-grow. You can harvest leaf lettuce from the outside of the plant, leaving the central bud to grow more leaves or cut 5 cm (2") from the ground so that the base of the plant is left intact. The head will regrow new leaf sets in a few weeks to harvest again.
  • The key to a high-quality crop of tender succulent leaves is consistent moisture. If lettuce plants are heat or drought-stressed, the leaves turn bitter and the plants will bolt. Bolting is when the plants switch from leaf production to flower production and a flower stalk emerges.
  • Delay bolting by covering plants with a shade cloth so they get filtered light. Be sure to maintain watering throughout the warmest parts of the growing season.
  • Promote leaf production by regularly feeding with a water-soluble plant food such as SUPERthrive.
  • Harvest lettuce in the morning, before the sun hits the plant, when full-size but young and tender. Mature lettuce gets bitter and woody and will go bad quickly.
  • Wilted lettuce leaves? Place the leaves in a bowl of cold water with ice cubes and soak for about 15 minutes, spin them dry and they are ready for salads.

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